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Friday, March 18, 2011

Hairan!! addicted to ferrari

haha..hari ni saya byk usha2 kereta idaman saya..yelar..xlama lg nk sambung belajar dah..pastu nak keje..and then mestilah own a dream car..yes..so..dlm byk2 jenama kete..hati saya terpaut la kt Ferrari..pergh..kalau dpt sebiji sama macam dpt bini..hek..kidding..=D..
amacam cun x??inilah FERRARI 458 ITALIA..kita tgok plak specification kete ni..


The Ferrari 458 is powered by 4.499-liter V8 engine that is measured as 274.5 cu in, adopted from Maserati/Ferrari design and delivers a high throughput of

• 540 N-m (400 lb-ft) at 6,000 rpm and
• 570 PS (420 kW; 560 hp) at 9,000 rpm along with 80 percent torque produced at 3,250 rpm.
Ferrari 458 Engine

For the first time, the engine is featured with direct fuel injection for all Ferrari Road cars.


The Ferrari 458 uses a traditional Getrag dual-clutch 7-speed transmission, which is same as that of the Ferrari California. It has only standard transmission and it does not have conventional manual option.


The Ferrari 458 can vroom from 0 to 100 kmph in just 3.35 seconds, and has a top speed of 325 km/hr (202 mph). The engine evolves 320g/km of CO2, which is comparatively lower than other sport cars.


Coming to its handling, suspension of the car has double wishbones at the multi-link and front set-up at the back, paired with F1-Trac and E-Diff traction control systems, designed to upgrade longitudinal and cornering acceleration of the car by 32 percent in comparison to its antecedents.

The brake system incorporates a pre-fill operation, and with the help of ABS the car can be brought to a pit stop from 100 kmph, within a distance of 32.5 meters.


The Ferrari 458 is designed with the help of Pininfarina along with all modern Ferrari models. The front grille amenities such as deformable winglets, which lower at maximum speeds to offer reduced drag, are one of its kinds.
Ferrari 458 Interior

With the help of former Ferrari Formula1 driver Michael Schumacher, the interior is designed with a modern-designed steering wheel that includes many controls and features on the dash, replicating the designs of racing cars.

The British car magazine AutoCar strongly believes that the design of 458 has been taken from Mille Chili concept car and Enzo Ferrari. However, it is included with the sportiest V8-engine of Ferrari to differentiate itself from Ferrari California.
nak tau x bpe harga dia??RM2,190,000.00..masyuk x??haha
tapi kalau x dapat la kete ni..Ferrari California pon jadi la..haha..

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