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Thursday, March 24, 2011

HAIRAN! How does getting rewarded through sharing sounds like to you?

click link below..
 Join #ChurpChurp today and bring more friends to the community!

Hi guys! Did you know about Churp Churp? ChurpChurp is the ultimate integrated social media solution that rewards for influencers’ updates. Churpers will be briefed on the contents of updates and seeds to be propagated based on partners’ request. Basically there are two main types of Churps available which are : Schedule and seeding churps. All we need is an active Twitter or Facebook account to sign up with them.
How we get paid? Earnings credited to our ChurpChurp account vary depending on the number of followers and friends we have, how many times we Churp and also the type of assignments that we get. For example, my first assignment was Irresistible Peugeot. I have 770 friends on Facebook and 87 followers on Twitter.

So, when I tweet about Peugeot, all 87 followers are going to view it. We can track our earnings via our ChurpChurp account page shortly after accepting and posting Churps. A minimum earning of RM100 is required before we can cash out our earnings with ChurpChurp. They will process payments 30 days after the end of the month when we cashed out.
Easy? So, what are you waiting for? Let’s join :lol:

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