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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

5 days remaining!!

i told u that i`ll be in KMB right..so that`s hell yeah..it just about 5 days remaining for me to loiter,squandering my time doing nonsense thing like fb,watching television all day long and what else...ha...playing video games..~sigh..did i use my time well this whole hols?i didn`t work,i didn`t do revision,i didnt learn social skills..am i qualified to be a college student?will it be breeze for me?i start thinking that can i maintain my study skills i mean where i managed to score in spm..will it be happened again in future..i heard many things of IB(International Baccalaureate)..is it really IB that stands for Intellectual  Beating like many people said to me?oh..is it really a ticket for me to study abroad?(oxford in mind)..

there are three choices as an IB student, but we can only choose two..
1)social life
2)good result
3)enough sleep

woaaahh(i just learned this word)..do i really dare to miss even one of the choices?what will be my choices?they have been tormenting me..but i do realize that there is light at the end of the tunnel..there is success waiting for me if i chose the right combination of the choices..so..i chose good result n enough sleep rather than social life..i will dont mind be called a nerd or geek or bookworm..it just a futile provocation that will never lower my spirit..i will survive in the voyage of knowledge..what mind beliefs body can achieve..


  1. Oh choice for me, I'd prefer the choice hugely pertinent to my health that's sleep and one more the good result for my future.

  2. yeah..such a good choice bro..



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