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Sunday, June 12, 2011

going to KMB soon..=D

(sorry if there`re some grammar errors,because i didn`t express by mind but, heart instead)

For me,this 6 months holiday gone by nothing..day by day flew as water in the river..and now..the time line where i`m being for now is already 13 jun..wow..its about a fortnight(28june2011) before i attending Kolej Mara Banting..a college which i never notice it existence before..hurm..now i need to be fully prepared to get into a new phase of life..getting 8A+,1A surely will be nothing when i reach the college..the coming students are the greatest among the best..oh..maybe i need to turn over a new life..i will be a mature guy instead becoming so pampered and spoon-fed..maybe i need be prepared physically and mentally the most..i need to be more hardworking i guess..because the learning style will be not like in the spm where teachers give homeworks and scold u if u did not finish the homeworks..so my friends,readers,and whoever know me..maybe i cannot give too much commitment to this blog..if u opened this blog and see no updates please do forgive me..instead pray for my success..InsyaAllah i will spend some time posting about my studies in KMB and hopefully in UK(if my dream comes true)..amin...=D



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