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Friday, October 21, 2011

being fat is not ugly..it means u are too cute..

credit to mr google

Television shows and social networks are new pandemics
By Muhamad Azim bin Mohd Sahari
7th October 2011

These days, people are so into television shows and social networking. These two things are so connective. They let people getting vast information and a bunch of friends with just some few steps. They are totally super-duper great invention of sciences. For not exaggerating too much, they also bring some so-called good influences.
Why did I mention them pandemics? Surely u can justify the title by looking at teenagers especially girls that are worried too much about their shapes and food. The pictures of hour glass shaped models are like mental viruses that lead teenagers to unhealthy diet. Teenagers in common think that the figures that appear in the television shows, advertisers and maybe social networks are the most preferable looks for the opposite genders. But they are gone too wrong.
Have u ever heard of bulimia nervosa or anorexia nervosa? These common eating disorders are mushrooming fast throughout the world and again, those two technology inventions must be blamed. Teenagers are so vulnerable and yet influenced by the images of dream body figure. Why do not they look at the other hand, where not so shaped women are also called beautiful? But not looking on their body, but more vital than that, which are their hearts.
The main two pandemics sort of defining beauty as having a slim and slander body even though it is not necessarily to be true. Truthfully, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You must believe that every single person is beautiful in a different way. That makes this world 
even colourful and picturesque.

be thankful for what u are..


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